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Greetings! I am Deidre Sully. I am an experienced Public Health professional with a career spanning over 18 years. My expertise lies in policy and advocacy, coalition building, community education, and stakeholder engagement. I am passionate about ensuring people have equitable opportunities to achieve and maintain health and wellness. I aim to serve as a model for future public health professionals.

Women’s Health

I provide consulting services for Red Wrap, a community service initiative of ANU Life Global Ministries. Red Wrap runs donation drives for feminine hygiene products and partners with local shelters, community-based organizations and schools to host educational workshops on menstrual health and giveaway events.

Jewelry Design

I love MAKING JEWELRY! Hosting jewelry workshops is one way that I engage others in creative activities which improve overall health and wellness. Participants get a hands-on experience and learn basic of jewelry making. The workshops are tailored for all skill levels.

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