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Bottom Line: People have a right to be able to make informed decisions about their health. Tune in to True Health Live with Deidre Sully, MPH and her dynamic co-hosts, Anushka Gopilall, Dr. Alia Komsany and Precious Stepney, MPA, as they explore and acknowledge basic truths on some of the hottest topics in public health. If you are a public health student, experienced professional or just interested in multiple perspectives in the public health arena then this is the space for you. Join us for the journey. SUBSCRIBE to for updates

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Meet the Co-Hosts

Healthcare Executive. Leader. Consultant. Project Manager, Mother and Yoga Enthusiast. These are just a few of the titles that Precious Stepney holds. With a 20+-year career providing exceptional leadership and strategic operations/quality solutions within diverse healthcare environments, she has earned respect throughout the industry for planning, directing, coordinating, and improving essential services to ensure exceptional patient experiences. Her efforts have transformed a state mental health agency’s success, enhancing continuity of care/service delivery and driving full Joint Commission compliance.

Throughout her tenure, she has built and led high-performing teams of 28 with $4.4M budgets and 20 vendors to execute complex operational projects. Precious is recognized for her outstanding tenure resulting in numerous promotions. Additionally, she possesses strong academic qualifications, including the pursuit of a Master of Social Work (Expected: 2022) from Fordham University and a Master of Public Administration from Metropolitan College of New York, along with a Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

In her free time, she is an active member of her community, volunteering her time as a Founding Member of Sacred Lotus Blossom Rites of Passage and a former Board Member for the New York State Office of Management Confidential Employees. She also continuously engages in professional development and relationship-building, serving as a Member of the National Association of Health Care Quality and the American Society for Quality.

Precious Stepney, MPA

Alia Komsany, PhD

Dr. Alia Komsany is an accomplished leader with experience in scientific research and teaching/tutoring and has contributed to high-functioning teams with breadth of expertise in identifying & validating biomarkers in the context of tumor vasculature and angiogenesis. She completed her PhD program specializing in medical sciences from the University of Oxford.

Dr. Komsany is currently based in New York, where she is a postdoctoral associate in the department of pathology, alongside working in the field of public health equity as youth program lead at the Meyer Cancer Centre’s office of community outreach and engagement. Alia enjoys teaching and guiding students, as she finds mentoring others to be an important component of continuous self-education.

In addition to pursuing an academic career, Alia’s other passion is rowing. She began rowing at Oxford University, representing Linacre College, in 2014 and took part in many rowing regattas both locally and nationally, including Women’s eights head of the river (WEHORR) on the river Thames, London (the largest women’s race in the world). She is an advocate for increasing the participation of women in sport and has written extensively on the topic in a number of publications including Women’s Health Middle east and the #thisgirlcan campaign, developed by sports England to widen participation of women in sport. Alia has also participated in the UAE rowing championships (2018-2019) and won a gold medal in the women’s quad and a silver in the women’s double and aims to compete as a lightweight female single sculler, at the upcoming Asian games in 2022.

Anushka Gopilall is a purpose-driven multifaceted woman and professional.  She holds 20 years of diverse and combined clinical, research, administration, event planning and community organizing experience.  As a public health professional, Anushka sits at the intersection of health equity, tech and racial/ social justice where her passion for equality for all meets in every aspect. 

Ms. Gopilall is currently the Head of Community and Client Relations at Radical Health, where she leads community programming and oversees partnership development, stakeholder relationships, and manages a diverse client portfolio. She and her team combine meaningful conversations with Al enabled tech that helps people understand what is going on during a doctor’s visit, build trust, and develop self-advocacy. 

Ms. Gopilall’s most valuable treasure is her daughter, Rianna.  “The strides I make now will fall on my daughter.  The impact I have on this world will greatly affect my child and future generations.  I want to be the change I see for her future- not mine.  Too often, it slips our mind that the footprints we make today will be the footprints guiding the next generation tomorrow.  I do what I do so those to come can live and lead better lives and amplify and enhance the blueprint and sustain it while progressing and shattering the glass ceiling!”   

Anushka Gopilall