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In The Media

Articles & Opinions


WNYC Radio, 2018

ABC 7 NY, 2018

Fox News 2014

Real Estate Weekly, 2018

Consumer Affairs, 2017

CNN, 2014

DevDive Podcast, Public Health Advocacy

Tha Compound Movement, Smoke Break

Expert Commentary & Presentations

Vaping Unveiled (Youth Roundtable, Moderator)

Webinar, November 2020

Smoking and COVID19 (Expert Panelist)

Webinar, June 2020

What is Health Equity? (NYCHA Documentary)

NYCHA Goes Smoke-Free, 2018

Red Wrap, Menstrual Hygiene Video Short


CMS & You Broadcast (Panel Discussion)

CMS Broadcast Program, 2017

Abstracts & Publications

American Public health Asssociation (APHA) Annual Meeting, 2017 – Tobacco Tunnels and Commercial Corridors: A cross-sector approach to addressing tobacco density in the NYC built environment


Documentary Film Production: “NYCHA Goes Smoke-Free” I helped produce an award winning film highlighting the New York Housing Authority’s Smoke-Free Policy.