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The Truth About Our 2022 Healthiest Moments, THL Ep. 35

Running into cows, laughter, physical challenges of push-ups and squats are just some of our 2022 healthiest moments, shared by our hosts and guests in the 10th and final show of Season 2. We discussed how we got to these moments and who helped us get there and then, how will we evolve them in the coming year so that we may grow. Some of us will run half marathons, others will continue to disconnect from the frenzy of the world and reconnect with natural environments. Thank you to all our guests who joined us on stage and in the Live chat to share their moments and all the growth in between. We will see you on the other side!

Listen and Watch our season finale about our healthiest moments…

Podcast Mentions (Check out these resources for words, podcasts, affirmations that came up during the discussion):

  1. The Challenge – Chief Yuya Podcast:
    Episode 81
  2. Enlightenment and Transformation: The History of PsyOps

Send me a message if you are a public health professional or student who would like to join us on stage!

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