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Birthing Support – THL Ep. 16

Birthing support is crucial for new mothers. During episode 16, guest co-host Kashia Knight, founder of Honest Doula, shares her experience and expertise. But first…


The word “doula” comes fromĀ ancient Greek, meaning “a woman who serves.” Today, “doula” refers to a professional trained to provide emotional, physical and educational support to women throughout their pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period.

Doulas have been around for centuries, and in recent years are becoming increasingly popular as people move toward more natural and hoslistic lifestyles. More and more women are choosing Doulas to provide birthing support throughout their pregnancy and in the delivery room.

There are many women who are unaware of their options when they begin their pregnancy journey. We cover varying points of view when it comes to rights of the mother to allopathic vs homeopathic medicine and practices.

“I’ve seen lately and increase of scheduled C-sections as early as 36 weeks, I’ve seen pushing away from vaginal births, pushing to induce labor unnecessarily…” as Kashia recalls.

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