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Black Hair “Care”…Where?, THL Ep. 36

Black Hair “Care”…Where? Perms, cancer and lawsuits, oh my! There are various definition of the word “care”, here is one: (1) serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk. If the products utilized cause more harm than good, should it be referred to as black hair “care”? Research shows us that a good amount of the beauty products peddled to melanin dominant communities are linked with risk of early puberty, fibroids, and cancer. In this case, care would be inaccurate. If we can’t pronounce some of the ingredients then whey do we continue to purchase and use them? In the first episode of the our 3rd season we have an open and honest conversation about all sides of this conversation, from injustices to ignorance. Oh, and somehow we started talking about cows again.

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Podcast Mentions (Check out these resources for books, podcasts, affirmations that came up during the discussion):

  1. The Sister Study (National Institute of Health)
  2. NIH SELF (Study of Environment, Lifestyle and Fibroids)
  3. Destruction of Black Civilization, Chancellor Williams
  4. Enlightenment and Transformation: The History of PsyOps

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