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Caring For Aging Minds, THL Ep 51

In our latest episode of True Health Live, we explore the profound mental health challenges faced by adult children (specifically daughters) caring for aging minds of parents with dementia. Dr. Janice Fortman, Ed.D., Relationship Coach and counselor, shares her insights on the unique pressures within the Black community and effective coping strategies for caregivers. We offer a comprehensive discussion on the complexities of caregiving and its impact on mental health. In the last 20 minutes, the conversation continues without Dr. Fortman due to her prior commitment, but the valuable insights remain.

For further information, you can reach Dr. Janice Fortman at by clicking on the THL Live video decscription box on YouTube.
To learn more about Alzheimer’s and find support resources, visit the Alzheimer’s Association website at and the National Institute on Aging at We appreciate your understanding and thank you for being loyal listeners. Join us as we continue to address critical health topics and support our community through informed discussions and expert advice.

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