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Dance is Life, THL Ep 43

Dance is Life! Coming in with big energy with the Masters of Health for our mid-season premiere as we interviewed dynamic dancers performing artist and instructors, Alexandra Jean-Joseph (specializing in traditional Haitian dance) and Eto’o Tsana (Congolese dance instrucor and international performing artist). From the pulsating beats of a tribal drum to the rhythmic winding of waists and hips, this episode showcases how dance forms can be therapeutic tools that heal both body and soul. Dance is more than a tool to alleviate stress, improve flexibility, boost cardiovascular health, but also a path to foster a sense of culture, family, community and belonging.

The episode also highlights the universal nature of dance, transcending language and cultural boundaries to create a shared experience that unites people from all walks of life. It celebrates the joy of self-expression through dance and encourages listeners to tap into their inner rhythm and embrace the healing potential of movement.

Whether you’re an experienced dancer or have never set foot on a dance floor, this episode is an invitation to discover the transformative and therapeutic qualities of dance. We even have live chair dancing moment reminding us that true health is also the presence of joy, connection, and the freedom to move through life with vitality and grace.

Download and tune in to this captivating episode and let the rhythm of True Health Live guide you to a healthier, happier you through the power of dance.

Connect with our guests:

We have the best time with our expert guests. Both of these amazing sisters are NYC-based and available through both public and private lessons.

Eto’o Tsana – @etootsana

Alex Jean-Joseph – @freee_stile, @imamoulele

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