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THL Ep 7 – Marijuana…Let’s Talk


The hosts of True Health Live discuss Marijuana and the public health concerns that arise with legalization. From youth use to monetization, there are many new things to think about as more States legalize weed.

Marijuana legalization is a public health issue. The excitement that we are witnessing from everyday people is because the legalization concerns recreational use. This is a very big move away from the solely medicinal allowances that many states had been open to for the last several years. With recreational use we must be mindful of several aspects:

  1. What steps do we take to protect and educate youth?
  2. Are we sharing honestly with our youth about whether we have used or not?
  3. Are the conversations relevant and age appropriate?
  4. How do we ensure integrity of the natural plant is maintained?
  5. What are people really smoking?
  6. Have we really taken the time to acknowledge coping mechanisms and their triggers?

Another thing to consider is whether or not we are having authentic conversations on all sides that build trust. Additionally we have to really think about how we don’t undermine current policies in place that help people live healthy lives. Finally knowing where it is legal is a must since there are variations to the legality of marijuana and doing research by state is helpful… Tune in below.

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