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THL Ep. 8 – Over “Teched”?

Technology; remote learning

Episode #8 of True Health Live we point out our reliance on technology. Which increased exponentially with the advent of COVID. This is especially true when it came to schools shutting down and having to pivot to remote learning.

Now, around the country, schools are opening back up. Many places have implemented a hybrid of in-person and remote learning, some have gone back to physically being in the schools. But what happened during our confinement, and in some ways is still happening? How have they been affected by having to sit at a computer, laptop or tablet for hours on end?

We discuss the idea of the choice versus requirement and what makes the remote learning attractive. Some students have excelled at remote learning, while others have struggled. “Google is magnificent, they can just punch in things but how are we testing the knowledge. We still have to hold them accountable” -Anushka.

We discuss how the social piece of learning in school is very important. We have to acknowledge that the new normal has taken a toll on them just as it has on adults. “This became an opportunity to know what my child’s learning style is.” – Precious.

Technology has been the great assistant to the vast majority of people in the world. We now find ourselves at place were we ask, is it too much?

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