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THL – Ep. 1 Welcome!

COVID; Logo image of 'True Health Live podcast'

Welcome to the True Health Live podcast! I am your host Deidre Sully, a public health professional with over 15 years in the game. In my time I have seen and heard a few things. This compelled me to share what I know. I will be joined by my dynamic cohosts, Precious Stepney, Anushka Gopillal, and Dr. Alia Komsany. We will be getting to the core and talking about issues in Public Health. Whether popular opinion or not, we will acknowledge them all the same.

Why does True Health Live exists? Because, people have the right to make informed decisions about their health. We use our platform to share information in a way that is relatable and understandable. If you are a Public Health student, professional, looking for multiple perspectives, or just plain curious to what it is, then the is the space for you. We get to the truth by examining all viewpoints and finding the space where they meet. True Health Live is a podcast that focuses on basic truths in the Public Health arena. Come and join us for the ride!

You can find us on most major podcasting stations (iTunes, Google, Spotify, and more) and on YouTube!

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