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Postpartum Experiences – THL Ep. 17

Postpartum Experiences THL

What are postpartum experiences? What do you think when you hear the word postpartum? Like most folk, you probably think “postpartum depression (PPD)”, right? To clarify, postpartum is everything that happens after (or “post”) birth and postpartum depression (diagnosed in 1 in 7 mothers) is only one of those experiences that occur within the postpartum period. Not all moms experience PPD as shared by co-hosts Anushka and Precious.

On episode 17 of THL, we chat about some of the other experiences like lactation, “the snap back”, returning menses, time management, self care and help & healing. “If I were by myself, I don’t know what I would have done…” shares Anushka. “Those simple things meant a lot.”

For example, when we discussed lactation and breastfeeding, we are reminded by Precious that “being able to get in the shower and soak in the tub is part of allowing the body to relax so you can help support the production of milk – but you have to make that time.”

When it comes to support, how are we thinking about support and what it should look like? Should we lean on our husbands and mates for support or is a community of women more helpful?

Listen here or on your favorite podcast platform to find out what else was discussed. Your Health. Your Decision.

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