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Preparedness & Public Health, THL Ep. 37

In the second episode of season 3, we discuss preparedness and public health. Do you know the plan for the city in which you live? More importantly, do you have your own personal emergency plan for yourself or your family. Emergency preparedness is essential in reducing the negative impact of natural disasters on individuals and communities. It is actions that involves planning, training, and resources to effectively respond to emergencies and mitigate their impact. In these recent times where climate change creates more and more instances of extreme weather conditions, preparedness and pubic health are inextricably linked. We owe it to ourselves to make sure that we have contingencies in place that ensure our personal safety as well as as that of our families.

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Podcast Mentions (Check out these resources for books, podcasts, affirmations that came up during the discussion):

  1. Bugging In
  2. Bugging Out Part I
  3. Bugging Out Part II
  4. Survival Family (correction: this is a Japanese Film, not Korean as mentioned on the podcast video)

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