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Racism and Children, THL 50th Episode

Dive deep into the pressing issue of the mental health effects of racism and children. In our 50th episode of True Health Live , join us as we explore racism and children and the intricate ways in which racial discrimination shapes the lives of Black children across America, featuring insights from Dr. Iheoma Iruka, a distinguished expert from UNC on childhood development and racial trauma. With her expertise, we delve into the emotional and behavioral consequences of racism experienced in schools and communities, analyze the intergenerational transmission of racial trauma, and uncover the long-term effects on social relationships and adulthood.

This episode offers a comprehensive look at the demographic landscapes of schools, the stark disparities within them, and the urgent need for supportive interventions. Hear powerful personal narratives and learn about research that unveils the profound and lasting impacts of racism. Tune into “True Health Live” for a thought-provoking discussion that calls for action towards a more equitable future for all children.

Connect with Dr. Iruka:

  • LinkedIn: @IheomaIruka @FPGInstitute @UNCPublicPolicy @unccollege
  • X (formerly Twitter): @IheomaIruka @FPGInstitute @UNCPublicPolicy @uncollege
  • Facebook: @iuiruka
  • Instagram: @irukathompson

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