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Screenings: Prostate Exams, THL, Ep.24

Prostate Exams Episode

We are rounding up our series on Preventive medicine with Prostate exams as cancer screenings. It is really important to cover an aspect of men’s health as a topic all on its own. Health Screenings involving the prostate are crucial for men aged 40+ because the risks go up as you grow older.

What is the prostate? The prostate is a walnut sized gland responsible for the production of semen which transports sperm. Some of the first signs of prostate problems are usually issue with urination. Screening for Cancer with prostate exams can be done a number of ways – during this episode we focus on PSA blood tests and the rectal exam.

Associate Professor of Urology at New York/Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Dr. Joseph P. Alukal, joins us and gives expert commentary and advice on this specific area of men’s health. He takes us through the many reasons why prostate cancer can manifest and how it is diagnosed and treated. We also have some stories shared from our audience as well as our hosts.

Listen to the episode right here, on YouTube, or on your favorite podcast platform. Your Health. Your Decision. Contact us today to share your stories!

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