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Spirituality and Public Health, THL Ep. 39

Spirituality and public health are not often discussed at length as other issues, such as race, education and income. Yet, spirituality (or one’s religion) is important to over 80% of the global population. This strong’s (this week) episode covers how spirituality can be a saving grace for addressing mental health and hygiene.

Many spiritual traditions and practices promote meditation as a means of cultivating inner peace, self-awareness, and spiritual growth. On major examples are Buddhism, Yoga, and Taoism. Even new age spirituality has incorporated meditative practices. All in all, meditation is a widely recognized practice in spiritual traditions around the world and is seen as a powerful tool for developing inner peace, spiritual growth, and personal transformation.

Our state of mind affect our well-being on so many levels. Spirituality and public health is the focus of this episode.

Check out the following Podcast episode mentions and resources:

  1. Book: Scriptural Guide to Overcoming Mental Ailments;
  2. Chief Yuya Podcast “Self Healing”:
  3. Spiritual Community/Family Retreat with ANU Life Global Ministries:
  4. Volunteering/Donating – Menstrual Product Drive and Workshop

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