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Stay Healthy – THL Ep. 11

Stay Healthy

What are the things that we should do to keep stay healthy? In True Health Live Podcast Episode 11, Deidre, Precious and Anushka share wise words as they deliberate on their own “healthy” behaviors – starting with food.

Food is fuel.” It is almost like determining the best gas for your car. If we wouldn’t put diesel or low grade fuel in a luxury town car, then why consume inappropriate or sub par food? Precious reminds us that the time period from plate to mouth is the shortest part of the journey. Anushka also ads that for many that explosion of flavor for the taste buds is the most important.

Food is where it all starts. What is on the internal will always exhibit itself on the external. Therefore, have to be mindful of the “fuel” that we put into our bodies. The wrong foods can lead to other negative health outcomes like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and hypertension. All of which come with hefty price tags for the health care system.

Ultimately, we have to choose the right things to put in our bodies. “As you continue to eat better, you feel better and when you feel better you don’t worry as much.”

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