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Screenings: The Mammogram – THL, Ep. 23


The Mammogram is the second of the various examples of health screenings that we highlight for our Preventative Medicine Series.

Getting a mammogram is an important aspect to women’s health. This particular screening is key to finding out about the health of your breasts. Routine and/or preventive screenings are recommended for women ages 40 and over. However, a known family history of breast cancer is good reason for early screening.

Both Me (Deidre) and Anushka share our personal mammogram stories that demonstrate examples of routine and diagnostic procedures. We cover both the funny and hilarious experience to the anxiety and unexpected. I definitely had some wrong ideas of what to expect during a mammogram. The one accurate thing is the discomfort – it is very uncomfortable, but a little discomfort to make sure your boobies are healthy or early detection is well worth it.

If you haven’t had a mammogram, maybe our share will help you and if you have, maybe you can relate. Do you want to share your story and experience? Contact us and tells us about what’s happening with you.

Listen to the episode right here, on YouTube, or on your favorite podcast platform. Your Health. Your Decision.

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