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The Truth About The Path To Thriving, THL Ep. 34

In the 9th show of the season (show 34) the Ladies cover The Truth About The Path To Thriving. Once we move from diagnosis shouldn’t the goal be to move toward The Path To Thriving? What does the journey after active treatment really look like? What does a patient experience on Survivors Road and what does it take to get to not just being Thankful for live but THRIVING?

Listen and Watch today’s special episode with our Guest Megan-Claire Chase, Public Speaker, Storyteller Advocate for Breast Cancer Survivors everywhere, as she shares her journey from diagnosis to treatment to TODAY.

Podcast Mentions (Check out these resources for words, podcasts, affirmations that came up during the discussion):

  1. Chief Yuya Podcast:
    Episode 75
    Episode 79
  2. Chemo Brain (definition): A term commonly used to describe thinking and memory problems that a patient with cancer may have before, during, or after cancer treatment.

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